Monday, September 13, 2010

My Scentsy Story

Hey There Scentsy fans. I would like to give a big Thank You, because you have visited my page. Another Thanks, for being my friend and allowing me to do this. I would first like to start with the history.

I was introduced to Scentsy over a year ago when my cousin bought her fist warmer at a craft vendor show. She told me about the product, and showed me her products in which she had purchased. I knew I had to have one. So a month rolled around and i went to a craft show. Oh-my-gosh! There it was! Scentsy! i had to run over to the booth to check out more details. I got to smelling the scents, sooner than later i had twelve in my hand. I purchased a few of the Combine and Save deals Scentsy had to offer. My first ppurchase with Scentsy was $74. Wow! What a deal i had! I had my Rustic Star Warmer, all my scents, and i was rollin! I made more purchases from a few Consultants.
My Scentsy was something that gave me an idea. Maybe i can sell this product. I have an enormous family. A lot in which are females. So i was debating on selling, hosting. Maybe if i had a party i could receive a few things free. -Oh Well... blew that i dea off.
Back in June '10, i was at another craft fair. A friend and I walked over to a Scentsy booth, interested in a catalog, the new productsm and "behind the scenes" of what it took to be a consultant. I approached Christina Cox, who was the vendor at the time, i asked her, "What does it take to sell Scentsy?" She told me "Nothing!" This is a quick and super easy to earn quick cash! i told her i was interested in selling the products. I texted her to-once again, learn the basics, of what it takes! i signed up a week later on June 22nd '10.
Scensty has been a thrill getting to meet new people. Being introduced to a ton of people. Christina is a very helpful person. She got me the jump start i needed. She gave me all the inside tricks to making my first order. The first order i put in was $500. Wowzers! I hit the motherload! And have been doing great ever since. I am only 20 years of age and am doing well in this business. Hopefully one day, I too, can be a SuperStar Director.

Warmest Wishes,
Matt Ayala