Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Scentsy Season

Join the Scentsational business as Scentsy approches its 2011 Spring Season. 20 New or returning Scents that will make your home smelling like the summery Cherry Limeades and the Fresh Rio Beach this Season. Enjoy the Scentsy Feelin! Contact me to order, host, or join at or 817-319-6517

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hey! update!

sorry guys that i have been totally MIA! i have been extremly buy and have no time for myself. So glad to be back at the blog. great things have come my way with scentsy and everything else. so glad to have such  a great support group over at Scrappy Jak on FB. Melissa is a great help.

So fun to be back at the scrap table with my brand new cricut machine. i love every minute of it. sorry i have no proper punctuation. i hate using it when im in a hurry.

scentsy is about to release it new spring and summer line on march 1st. be sure to check these wonderful new products out. available for purchase on march1st. handfuls of fabulous new warmer and scents.
also, those of you who havent been buying, are lucking out on a few of your favortie items due to dicontinuation. all the winter scents are going away and a few of the others.
buddies arent changing. although new scent packs are available for the buddies.
fragrance foams are changing too. quite a few more scents are coming to the on the go line.
on the go line basically means you can carry scentsy produtcs with you as you go along throghout your day.

um. three new cartridges to mention. classic cricut font, everydays paperdolls, and playtime. i rec'd these during christmas and they are a blessing to have. like a mentioned, i also got my new cricut on the day of black friday for $185. what a steal. anywho...

like i was saying... sorry i have been mia. check out some of my latest products at my facebook.

and order scentsy products at

thanks! love matty!